Solar Nation- Empowering The Future With Solar Energy

Looking for a reliable solar company in Victoria? Solar Nation is your trusted choice for residential and commercial solar system installation, right from 5KW to 100KW. From helping you save dollars on energy bills to reducing emissions, going solar brings long-term benefits.


Residential Solar Systems

We install Tier 1 solar panels of 5KW, 6.6KW, 10KW, and 15KW on rooftops to bring the most out of sunlight.

Commercial Solar Systems

We provide Tier 1 panels of 25KW, 50KW, and 100KW for solar installation at business premises of all sizes.

Solar Powered Batteries

With solar batteries, we help you conserve energy to prevent the scenario of power outages on cloudy days.

Clean Energy For A Cleaner World

Our catalogue of solar panel systems from leading brands and manufacturers are:

High Quality & Long Lasting

Lightweight & Easy To Install

Weatherproof & Water Resistant

Brighten Up Your Day With Solar

Australia is leading the world with most solar panel installations and the number is growing each day. We're doing energy differently by generating it on our own.

Make The Switch In 3 Easy Steps

Consultation & Assessment

Our team of accredited solar installers will visit your place for on-site consultation and conduct a roof assessment.

Design & Installation

We’ll formulate a solar design for maximum efficiency and then start with the solar installation process.

Inspection & Activation

After the connections are inspected, we’ll activate the solar system so that you are ready for energy savings.

Go Solar With Solar Installers

Solar Nation is a 100% Australian owned company with locally manufactured solar panels.
Ever since our inception, we are trusted by hundreds of households and businesses in Victoria.
We value customer satisfaction and promise to leave no stone unturned to meet expectations.
Our installers maintain strict safety standards at work and never take any risks or shortcuts.
All products come with 10 years of workmanship & installation warranty.
Our solar panels and batteries are approved by Clean Energy Council as per Australian standards.

Get Ready To Energise Your Future With Solar Power!