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Compact Size & Easy Installation

  • The compact and lightweight nature of the RESU is world-class. It is designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation for both indoor and outdoor applications. The inverter connections have also been simplified, reducing installation time and costs.

Powerful Performance

  • The new RESU series features industry-leading continous power (4.2KW for RESU6.5) and DC round-trip efficency (95%). LG Chem’s L&S (Lamination and Stacking) technologyprovides durability ensuring 80% of capcity rentention afer 10 years.

Proven Safery

  • LG Chem places the highest priority on safety and utilizes the same technology for its ESS products that has a proven safety record in its automotive battery. All products are fully certified in relevant global standards.

The rechargeable battery for automobile is a mid- to large-sized lithium ion battery used to provide power to an electric vehicle. Lithium ions move between the (+)/(-) electrodes to produce electricity. Based on its cutting-edge technologies, LG Chem has lead the global market by supplying batteries for electric vehicles to the global automobile manufacturers.


  • Innovative and Reliable

    • High reliability and safety with prismatic cells from Samsung
    • Robust BMS provides multi-protection at both cell level and system level
    • Over 95% depth of discharge to maximise the usable capacity

    Easy Installation

    • Suitable for both free-standing and wall-mountable installation
    • Simple setup for multiple batteries
    • One-click online firmware update

    Intelligent Management

    • Remote monitoring of battery status with App and web portal
    • Smart hibernation technology to maintain battery state of health

Sungrow is a global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables with over 49GW installed worldwide as of June 2017. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Renxian Cao, Sungrow is a global leader in research and development in solar inverters, with numerous patents and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter systems as well as energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications. With a 20-year track record of growth and success, Sungrow has established 16 subsidiaries worldwide located throughout the Americas, APAC, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, maintaining a market share of around 25% in Germany and over 15% in the world.

As an innovation leader in the solar industry, Sungrow possesses a dynamic R&D team which accounts for over 35% of the company’s total workforce. The company has also invested its own in-house testing center approved by UL, CSA, TÜV Rheinland, and TÜV SÜD. In 2016, Sungrow launched a new storage inverter factory, setting its combined annual manufacturing capacity at 18 GW for PV inverters and 3 GW for storage inverters.




  • Quick and easy single person installation.
  • Plug and play installation.
  • Interconnects with standard household AC wiring Safer.
  • No high voltage DC in system.
  • Cells safety tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Prismatic cells are highly stable over time.

Greater Reliability

  • Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry for long cycle life.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Modular design promotes redundancy.

The Enphase AC Battery™ is simple to install, safe, very reliable, and provides the lowest lifetime energy cost for both new solar customers and retrofit customers. As an installer, you can design the right system size to meet the needs of the homeowner.